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    xquad commented  · 

    that's true, however, when one of the columns are closed, the open column will transform to a wider column and the corresponding scatter point will remain on the same spot. Something like this:

    Well, i am trying to fake it by update function at the moment for each click in series hide/show.

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    xquad commented  · 

    I do not know if this helps but the code breakdown for the image I have provided ( ) is below, kindly note these parts: series[x].stack = 'something'; they work for getting column series on the same vertical line however, not for the spline points.

    options.series[0] = new Object();
    options.series[0].name = 'Scored Half Time';
    options.series[0].data = new Array;
    options.series[0].type = 'column';
    options.series[0].color = '#BCED91';
    $.each(s5, function(index) { options.series[0].data.push(parseFloat(s5[index])); });
    options.series[0].stack = 'halftime';

    options.series[1] = new Object();
    options.series[1].name = 'Conceded Half Time';
    options.series[1].data = new Array;
    options.series[1].type = 'column';
    options.series[1].color = 'lightcoral';
    $.each(s6, function(index) { options.series[1].data.push(parseFloat(-s6[index])); });
    options.series[1].stack = 'halftime';

    options.series[2] = new Object();
    options.series[2].name = 'Scored Full Time';
    options.series[2].data = new Array;
    options.series[2].type = 'column';
    options.series[2].color = 'green';
    $.each(s3, function(index) { options.series[2].data.push(parseFloat(s3[index])); });
    options.series[2].stack = 'fulltime';

    options.series[3] = new Object();
    options.series[3].name = 'Conceded Full Time';
    options.series[3].data = new Array;
    options.series[3].type = 'column';
    options.series[3].color = 'red';
    $.each(s4, function(index) { options.series[3].data.push(parseFloat(-s4[index])); });
    options.series[3].stack = 'fulltime';

    options.series[4] = new Object();
    options.series[4].name = 'Full Time Results';
    options.series[4].data = new Array;
    options.series[4].yAxis = 1;
    $.each(s1, function(index) { if(s1[index]=="1") { options.series[4].data.push(parseFloat($minmax-1)); }; if(s1[index]=="0") { options.series[4].data.push(parseFloat(s1[index])); }; if(s1[index]=="-1") { options.series[4].data.push(parseFloat(-$minmax+1)); } });
    markNegative(options.series[4].data, 'red');
    options.series[4].stack = 'fulltime';

    options.series[5] = new Object();
    options.series[5].name = 'Half Time Results';
    options.series[5].data = new Array;
    options.series[5].yAxis = 1;
    options.series[5].color = 'purple';
    $.each(s2, function(index) { if(s2[index]=="1") { options.series[5].data.push(parseFloat($minmax-1)); }; if(s2[index]=="0") { options.series[5].data.push(parseFloat(s2[index])); }; if(s2[index]=="-1") { options.series[5].data.push(parseFloat(-$minmax+1)); } });
    markNegativex(options.series[5].data, 'lightcoral');
    options.series[5].stack = 'halftime';

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    xquad commented  · 

    yes you are right about grouping, but the spline points should also be stacked with the column.
    thanks for clearing that out, it is kinda hard to explain it to be honest.

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    xquad commented  · 

    so basically if the half time result and the full time result (spline points) are same, they are on the same spot not in the same vertical line with the related columns although they are stacked with the columns.

    xquad shared this idea  ·